You can now shorten your links with me!

Before I start, do you remember ? Yeah, pretend like it's not there. I will try to re-write the announcement all over again. Just like new!

Hello, there! I'm very excited to announce about my newest self-hosted front-end. It's Kutt ( the URL shorter, you can find my self-hosted instance over:, so now you can shorten your links with my instance of Kutt! Here is an example:

I wanted to self-host something like this to short URLs for months now, but I had problem with domain name because is really long one. So I was waiting till I save some money and buy new domain. So now you can short your links with!

Fun facts

I wanted to buy (The .il domain) but backed up because it's related to Israel. Then I had the idea of or, but I felt it's a lots of words too. So, I settled for

About your shortened URLs

Look, I can't guarantee your shortened links will be forever saved, but I will make sure to save the data as long as possible and whenever I change domains or anything I will make sure old ones will redirect to new ones.

Why no mirror over Tor?

Because Kutt uses DEFAULT_DOMAIN to set instance's domain, so I had to either set it to clear net domain or onion domain, so I chose clear net.

What next?

Oh, nothing. Start using it and I opened reports in case someone used to short bad links. or simply you can contact me directly to report the bad link.