Today, I'm year old πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³.

Hi, today I'm happy to announce that the server is one year old. I'm happy, glad and grateful for all that has happened and learned in this self-hosting journey, from my start as a dumb guy who didn't know how to set up ssh keys to setting up dockers, dealing with rust and reverse proxies.

From first to read guides like to read to understand more to online guides and blogs to even official docs.

While I can't offer anything special today, like a new frontend to self-host or a giveaway (I'm broke :/), I decided to make this announcement and make you feel happy with me and tell you that while I'm not an expert, I've certainly learned a thing or two, and I can help you if you're interested in self-hosting too, because more people are welcome in this space!

I actually started self-hosting much earlier, in November 2021 to be exact. It was my old computer and I installed docker and started to learn how to use self-host invidious and kept it running for a month but decided to disconnect it due to expensive electricity and bad internet reasons (I'm subbed with their β€œSuper” plan, so it's 30mb/s πŸ™‚) so I looked online until I got VPS from Hetzner for a month, but my plans are to host a lot of services, so you can see why I did not stay for long. Later I heard about contabo, but a lot of people warned me about how slow their hardware is and that's why their VPSes are cheap. And later I heard about Kimsufi (my love) and I was stunned by how cheap it is (sure, it's old hardware but come on, at least it's dedicated servers) so I kept looking at their list until one day they hosted the 2022 winner sale and at first I was scared because it was a lot of money to pay, ~ 300 EGP to pay monthly, and it was my first time to pay monthly for something (aka. rent) instead of one time (laughs, now I pay ~ 700 for the same server. Damn you dollar) but I encouraged myself and here we are. One year later and I think it's the best choice I ever made.

And last but not least, I would like to thank Allah (yes, you heard me right) because I literally pray every month to get money from my freelance work so I can keep this server running for another month. And I am grateful to all of you who have stuck with me and used the front-ends that I host myself and I hope you continue to enjoy them and I continue to give back to the community because, damn it. We need more privacy alts and more decentralization, even if it's just another guy/girl self-hosting a frontend.

A year has passed by, what a long journey, man. This is the first bill I paid for this server and it's dated 25 Jan 2022This is the first bill I paid for this server, and it's dated 25 Jan 2022 (Alt link)

PS: Donate, so I can keep it running for another year (or even years, hopefully):