Redbubble? More like Nobubble.

Hi, stranger. Who ever wastes his/her time here reading my weird blogs instead of doing something productive. Redbubble closed my account out of nowhere in the last couple of days. Reason is unknown, I mean ok. I did not understand how copyright exactly work and I maybe posted some designs that break copyright and fair use. But what makes me mad that Redbubble closed my account with no warning, at least warn me. I legit thought if I draw my stuff, it won't be in copyright grounds, but I was wrong. Anyway, Now I have new Redbubble called: and I plan to understand copyright before post more designs. And only strict to designs, mix and match them to create new art and sell it.

Hope Redbubble gives me another chance. I will be better, promise.

PS: If you are asking about my college exam results, trust me they are not out yet :(