No, I did not get hacked. I changed my onion domain.

If you use my onion links, you will notice my old domain http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion has changed to http://esmail5pdn24shtvieloeedh7ehz3nrwcdivnfhfcedl7gf4kwddhkqd.onion and if you are asking why, try and read my new domain. If you still can't catch it. It's because it has part of my name in it now, Why? To make sure it's actually me (sure anyone can brute force the part of my name) but at least it kinda looks cool, right?

NOTE: Changed my crypto address too, to get EE inside of it, like: XMR's address: 46EEHDTGt5PHDcc7hXQhgrULcQ2JZMTJMTEVRHvsaZeUhrN9DmXkQyViZokxoNqqqBHBCAYoH7YRpFfKDs5WcoAA8Bgr5rC

So it's either esmail or ee.

Why not the full name? Well, because it turned out it takes MASSIVE computing power to generate 11 characters, so I had to settle for 6 or 2.

Last but not least, here are the programs I used: – For BTC: (it's for windows, but you can run it with wine) – For ETH: – For XMR: – For onion: