I mine all day ⛏️.

I'm happy to announce my Minecraft server is back! It's not self-hosted, I use https://aternos.org. But not to worry, I'm still looking for way to buy another server from Kimsufi or So you start and host some game servers like Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. So this Minecraft server on aternos.org is just a temporary station until it moves to my own server(s) as well.

But, do not let that spoil the joy of that, I have Minecraft server now! So you can join it by simply going to mc.esmailelbob.xyz and It's simple survival server, so it's not like full of mini-games. Simple survival, but instead it's online with some anti-grief plugin so no one can break your house or steal your chests unless you whitelist them. And anti-cheat plugin as well to make sure that we all suffer in the survival mode....

It's public for all users, including cracked Minecraft accounts, so enjoy.

PS: Aternos, known for closing the server if there are no players, I use my “ways” to let it open as long as possible but yes you might expect some downtime as the server is offline.

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