I left mastodon, Now I'm on Pleroma!

Hi, this blog is more of an announcement to let you know that I switched from mastodon to pleroma.

While, I did setup redirect to my new account (same address as mastodon btw) I wanted to make post too, to let everyone know.

The reasons I left mastodon for are: A. They support LGBTQ+:

Active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Users must have the confidence that they are joining a safe space, free from white supremacy, anti-semitism and transphobia of other platforms.

B. Longer posts.

While I can't leave all entities that support LGBTQ+, I certainly can limit them, and Mastodon was one of them. And yes, It was my own instance, I can do whatever I want with it but again, longer posts means more shitposting for me ;)

It's same address as mastodon so it's easy to find me, esmail@esmailelbob.xyz

Thanks, and goodbye!