How to filter emails based on “From” address. And add them to a sub folder in mailcow?

Hello, I use SMTP service to monitor my status page ( and I had problem where my inbox is full of emails from status page so I had the idea why not auto send these emails to another folder to keep my inbox clean? so I searched to find solution online for mailcow and wanted to share it (with my tweaks of course!)

My way is super simple, no aliases needed or even config your tags to be based on subfolder. It's simple filter rule!

To activate it simply login to your mailcow (not sogo) then go to E-mail > Configuration > Filters

Add a new filter and select type postfilter

And then paste this:

require ["fileinto", "mailbox"];
if address :contains "From" "YOUR EMAIL YOU GET FROM" {
   fileinto :create "FOLDER YOU WANT EMAILS IN";

Change both the email you get usually mail from to sort it and the folder name (it will be created if it's not there) and that's it! save and boom. done. ___ This idea stolen and tweaked from: