How to be a successful programmer

TD:LR: you don't be one!

I write this blog because some people want to get into the space but afraid of coding and how weirdly it looks, and I understand that, dealing with people that literally unaware of what version of windows they are running (whether it's 7 or 10), I really get it. But I want to tell you to not get scared, As you might know I started to code since I was at 11, and I take it as a hobby actually and trust me when I tell you I can read code, but I suck at reading people, haha! (sad little story) so I want to tell you it's not that scary or hard, it's just a new thing. Like if you work in teaching and get a handy man to fix your pipes, you look at them and say wow they are smart, how do they do it? And maybe they look at you and say oh a teacher wow, smart dude. So same thing. And below I will try to mention all questions for new starters in programming:

Do I need to save codes in my head?

Nope, not at all! You need to understand the code like for example this snippet:


You have to know what it does, so when you forget how to do something and google it online, you be certain it's code for what you need.

Do I need to be good at English or math?

It depends on really, I mean look at my bad English. I'm bad at English (and well at coding) but but it's unneeded if you will take local programming course in your main language like for example the amazing free CS50 course is translated to Arabic, so I can take it if I'm bad at English. About math, it depends on too, I have spent most of my time, needed nothing from math until I got hit with data science here when I started to say oh fuck I need math teacher so if you will work light work like web or android apps or scripts you won't need math as much aside simple formulas like adding numbers together.

Do I need to be smart?

No, you need to know how to search on Google to find the snippet you need on stack overflow and copy it!

How to master programming?

You don't, I'm not putting you down, but it's real. You don't. Not only that, but you can find people who spent 5 years in JavaScript, and they keep learning new stuff plus even if you master one language, it will get updates and some stuff will change, and you will have to re-learn it again.

A lot of programming languages >_<

Nah, I mean yea, but nah. You first need to learn basics that almost all programming languages share like if statements, loops while loops and so on. Then select which platform you want to release your code on if it's android for example then go with Kotlin, if it's PC then go with python/c/c++/c# and if it's web you have JS and PHP and so on so yup!

So mostly, you need nothing except kick in and actually start by free courses on YT or paid ones on Coursera/EDX/Alison/edraak/khan academy. And yup good luck with your journey :D

PS: if you have a question that is not answer, feel free to contact me, I will answer it.