Short your links with me!

Hello, my fellow dear human (I suspect).

Today, I'm happy to announce that I just launched It's basically a self-hosted version of so yeah, not much!

Fun facts

I was considering to buy .il domain, so it would be, but I backed because it's an Israeli domain. Then I was thinking to buy or, but then I said fuck it's too many words, so I stayed in .xyz realm.


For onion mirror, it's on http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion for now, I will generate a vanity address for it later this week, hopefully. to the meantime, enjoy using it!

Another note

Because Kutt does not support adding two URLs as base domain, I run TWO docker composes of kutt (one for clear net and other for tor) so I might replace kutt soon. you know what do not use for now

Another another note – Update: 13 Mar 2023

Hey, so two changes. One, I won't take down kutt so will stay the same and two, the website will be mirrored so http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion will work but as redirect to shortened links for example this link here: will also work as http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion/Ap9sCp but as redirect and only redirect so it will reach to again and finally reach it's end shortened URL so it's not much and you can't short URLs over http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion so only redirect not even mirror. and I wont generate vanity address for now but even if so do not worry I will make sure http://lqs5fjmajyp7rvp4qvyubwofzi6d4imua7vs237rkc4m5qogitqwrgyd.onion will redirect to new generated address so your links will keep working.