[AD] FOSS frontends list — No-Logs.com

Hi Friends, No-Logs.com is a website providing free open source instances with good quality and uptime. The service is hosted out of Östermalm, Sweden.

Instance list: https://no-logs.com Invidious: https://invidious.no-logs.com or https://i.no-logs.com – FOSS YouTube front end Nitter: https://nitter.no-logs.com – FOSS Twitter front end SearX: https://searxng.no-logs.com – Anonymous search Teddit: https://teddit.no-logs.com – FOSS Reddit front end Libreddit: https://libreddit.no-logs.com – FOSS Reddit front end Gothub: https://gothub.no-logs.com – FOSS GitHub front end