A thank you letter for all people who help(ed) me

I bet we all noticed that in last 3–4 months, most of my instances were rate limited. And I did not know what exactly to do especially after I got backlash from the community about my LGBT stand (the old one, not new one) so I was lost, and I was busy with my personal life too moving to college.

So this post is to say thank you to everyone who help(ed) me to restore the instances, I won't say their names to keep them anonymous because I'm afraid they will get backlash too because they help a guy who do not support LGBT (me!) but still, it's open thanks letter to everyone who help(ed) me. And now there is another working instance in the community, so feel free to use it! (even if you are LGBT. I recommend you to use another instance because of my stand but if you wish to keep using my instances, your data will be safe and private as other non-LGBT users)

And feel free to contact me you too, if you wanna give me a hand. I will be happy.