A Gay Zionist

Well, you already know about the controversy.


One of people used to interact with my posts (magiclike) and follow me on GitHub even, turned on me because I said I do not support LGBTQ+ community, and then he started to make issues on all over instances that I self-host (that is on 21 May 2023) https://github.com/MagicLike and https://codeberg.org/MagicLike?tab=activity to report to them that I do not support LGBTQ+ and about the controversial term I added in my ToS. And someone pointed to me that magiclike trying to remove my instances (without even notifying me to defend myself...) so I replied and some took my side and others took his, so yeah.

Some rant:

I'm a lazy dude, I pretty much choose the laziest path. Including my personal security, so I re-use my password even now I know damn well it's breached multiple times! So I knew it was a matter of time before my accounts get hacked and that's exactly what happened on 22 May 2023 my pleroma, mail, nextcloud, xmpp and matrix and some of freelancer websites I use and the website I use for resume got hacked and got doxed too (https://doxbin.com/upload/esmailelbob). And I think time is not a coincidence, why it got hacked after I replied to magiclike on codeberg? So I'm sure it's either him, or someone he knows or someone did not like my statements which begs the question of why?? Why you disagree with me on something, so you hack me instead of talk like a man? Worth to mention, there are no signs so far of him being accessed the server. So thank god about that.

Another thing, people reported my codeberg and github because of “anti” lgbt. So I lost my codeberg account and I lost my upptime (status page) repo I used to monitor my instances to offer good quality for you, the community. 

You see, I can take instances down that removed my link, but I won't to still offer the service I do for you, and taking my codeberg and my status page down was a fucked up move from you because now you're just making it more hard for yourselves before me. So people who used to love my quality will now suffer, because of you (the people who targeted me)

And, I can block LGBT content served on my instances. But I won't because unlike people who removed my instance links, I believe in free internet. So you have my word.

Last but not least, All people got rage over me “blocking” LGBT from using my instances, but no one talked about me blocking Zionists too. And I can take a few guesses. Because most of you're programmed to defend LGBT no matter what or where, so like little NPCs.

My word:

Okay, to the main dish! The reason why I do not LGBT and I will never do. And if you want to contact me to talk about my points. You are free to do so, just ping me on pleroma.

Okay, let's start with the big elephant in the room, my religion.  If you do not know, I'm Muslim and Arabic. So I basically hate 2 things, LGBT and Zionists (also, YT) so as you know LGBT is a forbidden sin in my religion and being born and raised to respect Allah and my religion and put Allah in front of me all the time, means I minimize sins as much as possible. And supporting people who do sins is a sin too...so I simply do not support the “act” of LGBT, not the person.

Now, second point is science and logic, Let's just think logical for one moment. Humans at the end of the days are mammals, which is a category of animals. So you are an animal! And what animals do in their life? Correct, fill their needs which are food, protection and reproduction. So the normal and basic thing is male and female get married then get babies, so humanity can move on and continue. Now when you tell me being LGBT is cool, a lot of people will stop to see this normality and treat it as normal and what will happen? Sure, babies won't decrease by a lot of, but it will! So why? Why you make me accept something against my religion and against logic for just someone wants to fuck dude instead of seeking mental help. Why?  And even science used to back up me when LGBT was a mental illness. Sure now they removed it but if you think about it. You said they included LGBT as mental illness by mistake, correct? So they do mistakes, then I think they did a huge mistake when they removed it as illness. And, not because a few animals do gay stuff like penguin, then you tell me it's ok. And last but not least, the disease def is “abnormal state” of something whether it's your organs or even mentally and man with man is not normal, because the fact that you can't reproduce and get biological babies. So it's abnormal, so it's a disease, face it.

Why can't you shut up?

Now, my question is, why can't you shut up and work together? Unlike you, I'm not trying to ban you or target you with attacks or hack you because we have a different point of view. I'm ok with working with someone who supports LGBT because at the end of the day. I refuse to act itself but at same time I can't pick people who I work with, so it's ok. Allah will be the judge, not me. But it's my duty to reject what I see wrong in my religion. And it's my damn right to say it out loud that I do not support LGBT and will never will. As you take spaces in sports, media and literally everywhere to talk about how much you support LGBT. Then I have my right to take the same spaces to say that I reject it.

This blog is written by a human (me) and corrected using AI (languagetool.org) so this is why my English is near perfect!