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I bet we all noticed that in last 3–4 months, most of my instances were rate limited. And I did not know what exactly to do especially after I got backlash from the community about my LGBT stand (the old one, not new one) so I was lost, and I was busy with my personal life too moving to college.

So this post is to say thank you to everyone who help(ed) me to restore the instances, I won't say their names to keep them anonymous because I'm afraid they will get backlash too because they help a guy who do not support LGBT (me!) but still, it's open thanks letter to everyone who help(ed) me. And now there is another working instance in the community, so feel free to use it! (even if you are LGBT. I recommend you to use another instance because of my stand but if you wish to keep using my instances, your data will be safe and private as other non-LGBT users)

And feel free to contact me you too, if you wanna give me a hand. I will be happy.

TL;DR: I was never against LGBT people and only against homosexual acts due to my religion and beliefs. I never said we should kill or hurt any LGBT member because we are all humans after all, but at the same time, I will never support it either.

Hello, I want to say or clarify a few points relating to the LGBT community.

First, I just want to say I'm not a good speaker, so some points might not get presented correctly.

I bet all of you already know the drama: Even Codeberg made a toot about it:, and a lot of you turned against me, left me without help and delisted my instances. Even some of you had the balls to hack me because I simply said my onion (you can read more about it here: Sure, it wasn't my full opinion because I'm not a good speaker, but really? A dox because I said what I felt or saw at the time? So to whoever did it, fuck you and suck my dick, you faggot. Anyway, let's get back to our points, me trying to explain what I actually meant from my Codeberg comment, and hopefully this time you understand me correctly, and we put this thing to an end, and we all go peacefully living our lives.

Before I go into my points, I want to stress that I'm not Allah to judge you, and I'm not perfect to say you're bad, or I'm good. I never blamed the human who commit sins; I just meant the acts of it. And before you read my points, I want to let you know that you will be mad at me unless you stop being stubborn about it and try to understand my point of view as a Muslim before you judge and say I'm homophobic. So maybe agree to disagree?

When I said LGBT is a disease, I did mean it, but not the person who commits it but as the act of it. I mean, put yourself in my shoes. You have your beliefs that say that it's only normal when a man marries a woman, and now you tell me it's normal to have same-sex marriage? Of course not! So yes, did I mean that LGBT people are a disease and should be killed? no because you are humans after all; sure, you do sins, but so do I. So if I said we should kill you, I think no one will be alive...but did I mean it as the act is abnormal? Of course, I did! For me and in my religion and beliefs, I see it as abnormal and actually hurting, whether it's you or people around you so for me when I try to stop you it's because I see it bad and I do care to make you stop it (again the act).

When I added “no LGBT” into my ToS, I did it as a stance, or to take a stand, I mean. The Pride flag is almost everywhere, and no one can stop it, it's in sports, music, movies and literally everywhere else, even food and child cartoons, and when someone says they are with LGBT, they get praised and applauded, but when someone says they do not support LGBT for religious reasons or even personal reasons, you guys cancel him and set him in the naughty corner. While I did not mean to hurt someone in specific or insult someone, I tried to take an action because I felt I had to, so I simply took something that I own and restricted it from bad people who would cancel someone if they got opposite opinion. I later understood that the LGBT community is not the same people who push the pride flag everywhere, but that was late already, so again, I just want you to understand and put yourself in my shoes about why I took the stance or why I do not support LGBT. Yes, you will be mad, but what can I do? Would I lose my religion and disobey Allah, who created all of us, for just another person that is created like me? I think not!

So, in summary, I'm not against the person who is gay, but I'm against their act. I will never say we should kill LGBT people or hurt someone because they commit a sin, I'm not Allah to judge someone. I can tolerate LGBT members, but, I will never support LGBT. Do I consider homosexual (act, not person) as a disease? Yes, I see it abnormal. Do I encourage killing LGBT members? No, I think we all humans and we all do sins and being LGBT member is one of them. Will I ever support LGBT members? Absolutely not but I will not reject the person either or mistreat them.

At the end, I hope we come to a middle ground and understand that, while I will never support LGBT, I do not reject you as a person. I only reject your actions. I hope we both have an open mind about the fact that I will never support your acts but, at the same time, be okay with each other. So it's not personal. I may edit this blog later, I'm still searching for the right words so if you have doubts about something feel free to contact me. just in general. I'm not against LGBT member as a person but against it as the act of it.

PS: Fuck you, Codeberg; enable my account, dammit. PS: Fuck you for the third time, you faggot who doxed me.

Hi Friends, is a website providing free open source instances with good quality and uptime. The service is hosted out of Östermalm, Sweden.

Instance list: Invidious: or – FOSS YouTube front end Nitter: – FOSS Twitter front end SearX: – Anonymous search Teddit: – FOSS Reddit front end Libreddit: – FOSS Reddit front end Gothub: – FOSS GitHub front end

While I never stepped down in the first place but said I will slow my plans to fix the broken instances. I'm back and will work again ASAP to fix broken ones, mainly: Dumb, LibreMDB, Neuters, Piped and Quetre.

Most problems with my IP got blacklisted...but trying to bypass it using IPv6 but so far no real luck so if you know how to help, I will really appreciate it. You can find me at

No, I'm not closing the server (till I run out of money so please, donate today), but I will not care as much to offer the service for the public. The server will be mostly used by me. So I will do whatever I see fit (not what the public sees. as it used to be). You can still use the instances; everything will be the same except when there is an instance down, for example, and I rarely use it, then I won't care as much to fix it ASAP as I used to.

I originally wrote a long post but I decided to delete it as no one will read it anyways...

Thanks and goodbye!

Hello, I use SMTP service to monitor my status page ( and I had problem where my inbox is full of emails from status page so I had the idea why not auto send these emails to another folder to keep my inbox clean? so I searched to find solution online for mailcow and wanted to share it (with my tweaks of course!)

My way is super simple, no aliases needed or even config your tags to be based on subfolder. It's simple filter rule!

To activate it simply login to your mailcow (not sogo) then go to E-mail > Configuration > Filters

Add a new filter and select type postfilter

And then paste this:

require ["fileinto", "mailbox"];
if address :contains "From" "YOUR EMAIL YOU GET FROM" {
   fileinto :create "FOLDER YOU WANT EMAILS IN";

Change both the email you get usually mail from to sort it and the folder name (it will be created if it's not there) and that's it! save and boom. done. ___ This idea stolen and tweaked from:

Hi, You wonder why my server was down in last couple of day. The answer is: because moved from OVH to Contabo. Now everything is working as expected. Adding just final touches and it should be done at week end or mid next week. Thanks.

PS: I made sure to use same -https- certificates for my instances to make sure it's me.

Well, you already know about the controversy.


One of people used to interact with my posts (magiclike) and follow me on GitHub even, turned on me because I said I do not support LGBTQ+ community, and then he started to make issues on all over instances that I self-host (that is on 21 May 2023) and to report to them that I do not support LGBTQ+ and about the controversial term I added in my ToS. And someone pointed to me that magiclike trying to remove my instances (without even notifying me to defend myself...) so I replied and some took my side and others took his, so yeah.

Some rant:

I'm a lazy dude, I pretty much choose the laziest path. Including my personal security, so I re-use my password even now I know damn well it's breached multiple times! So I knew it was a matter of time before my accounts get hacked and that's exactly what happened on 22 May 2023 my pleroma, mail, nextcloud, xmpp and matrix and some of freelancer websites I use and the website I use for resume got hacked and got doxed too ( And I think time is not a coincidence, why it got hacked after I replied to magiclike on codeberg? So I'm sure it's either him, or someone he knows or someone did not like my statements which begs the question of why?? Why you disagree with me on something, so you hack me instead of talk like a man? Worth to mention, there are no signs so far of him being accessed the server. So thank god about that.

Another thing, people reported my codeberg and github because of “anti” lgbt. So I lost my codeberg account and I lost my upptime (status page) repo I used to monitor my instances to offer good quality for you, the community. 

You see, I can take instances down that removed my link, but I won't to still offer the service I do for you, and taking my codeberg and my status page down was a fucked up move from you because now you're just making it more hard for yourselves before me. So people who used to love my quality will now suffer, because of you (the people who targeted me)

And, I can block LGBT content served on my instances. But I won't because unlike people who removed my instance links, I believe in free internet. So you have my word.

Last but not least, All people got rage over me “blocking” LGBT from using my instances, but no one talked about me blocking Zionists too. And I can take a few guesses. Because most of you're programmed to defend LGBT no matter what or where, so like little NPCs.

My word:

Okay, to the main dish! The reason why I do not LGBT and I will never do. And if you want to contact me to talk about my points. You are free to do so, just ping me on pleroma.

Okay, let's start with the big elephant in the room, my religion.  If you do not know, I'm Muslim and Arabic. So I basically hate 2 things, LGBT and Zionists (also, YT) so as you know LGBT is a forbidden sin in my religion and being born and raised to respect Allah and my religion and put Allah in front of me all the time, means I minimize sins as much as possible. And supporting people who do sins is a sin I simply do not support the “act” of LGBT, not the person.

Now, second point is science and logic, Let's just think logical for one moment. Humans at the end of the days are mammals, which is a category of animals. So you are an animal! And what animals do in their life? Correct, fill their needs which are food, protection and reproduction. So the normal and basic thing is male and female get married then get babies, so humanity can move on and continue. Now when you tell me being LGBT is cool, a lot of people will stop to see this normality and treat it as normal and what will happen? Sure, babies won't decrease by a lot of, but it will! So why? Why you make me accept something against my religion and against logic for just someone wants to fuck dude instead of seeking mental help. Why?  And even science used to back up me when LGBT was a mental illness. Sure now they removed it but if you think about it. You said they included LGBT as mental illness by mistake, correct? So they do mistakes, then I think they did a huge mistake when they removed it as illness. And, not because a few animals do gay stuff like penguin, then you tell me it's ok. And last but not least, the disease def is “abnormal state” of something whether it's your organs or even mentally and man with man is not normal, because the fact that you can't reproduce and get biological babies. So it's abnormal, so it's a disease, face it.

Why can't you shut up?

Now, my question is, why can't you shut up and work together? Unlike you, I'm not trying to ban you or target you with attacks or hack you because we have a different point of view. I'm ok with working with someone who supports LGBT because at the end of the day. I refuse to act itself but at same time I can't pick people who I work with, so it's ok. Allah will be the judge, not me. But it's my duty to reject what I see wrong in my religion. And it's my damn right to say it out loud that I do not support LGBT and will never will. As you take spaces in sports, media and literally everywhere to talk about how much you support LGBT. Then I have my right to take the same spaces to say that I reject it.

This blog is written by a human (me) and corrected using AI ( so this is why my English is near perfect!

Hi, this blog is more of an announcement to let you know that I switched from mastodon to pleroma.

While, I did setup redirect to my new account (same address as mastodon btw) I wanted to make post too, to let everyone know.

The reasons I left mastodon for are: A. They support LGBTQ+:

Active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Users must have the confidence that they are joining a safe space, free from white supremacy, anti-semitism and transphobia of other platforms.

B. Longer posts.

While I can't leave all entities that support LGBTQ+, I certainly can limit them, and Mastodon was one of them. And yes, It was my own instance, I can do whatever I want with it but again, longer posts means more shitposting for me ;)

It's same address as mastodon so it's easy to find me,

Thanks, and goodbye!